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Designing is something sensitive, and this include kitchen designs for every houses. I am sure there are many designers out there who want to create the most perfect and the best design for kitchen, so they try much different kind of ways and trick to create the right design. However, sometimes these tricks only end up as disasters, making the kitchen look awkward or maybe even bad. Here are the common mistakes that should never be done in designing for kitchen.

Common Mistakes in Kitchen Designs

The surprising thing is the mistakes done in bad kitchen designs are simple things that are just overlooked. For example many designers make the access to the sink, stove, and refrigerator complicated. This should never be done because they should be accessed easily. The same goes for counter top. Sometimes people underestimate the use of counter top to the point where they do not even put counter top at all in the design. When something happens and a counter top is needed, it will be too late to change everything.

Little things such as lighting and back splash are also important to create the perfect kitchen design. Installing small lamps might save money, but it will definitely be useful later on in the future, especially when it comes to handling sharp kitchen utilities. Having back splash installed behind the oven is also something recommended to prevent lots of dirt and grease in the kitchen. The most important of all, however, is definitely the ventilator. Without the ventilator, everything from hot air to the smell of food will be fused into one in the kitchen. There is no way that will give a comfortable ambiance, right?

Good Kitchen Designs

These things I suggested might be simple and small, but they will definitely matter later on in the future. When that happens, it will be too late to change everything because the kitchen is made into reality already. When this happens, big renovation has to be made, and lots of money has to be spent on the big renovation. In fact, it might even cost more than the original. I am sure people do not want that to happen right? So that there will not be regret later on in the future, it is best to prevent these common bad kitchen designs mistakes before it is too late.

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