Wooden Capella Ixtapa Resort’s Combination with Fresh Surrounding

Capella Ixtapa Resort And Spa With Night View

Staying in the wooden Capella Ixtapa Resort is definitely one of many great ways to enjoy the ocean of Mexico. Located in Mexico’s Zihuatanejo, the resort is made of material that can be considered as unusual in the wilderness of Mexico. However, this is what makes the resort more special as its design and materials definitely first the oceanic surrounding of the resort. This way, the beauty of Mexico’s sea can be enjoyed to the fullest through this resort.

Natural beauty in Capella Ixtapa Resort’s Design

The beauty of Capella Ixtapa Resort in Mexico‘s design is definitely something that befits the oceanic surrounding of the resort. Almost everything in this resort is made of wood. If it is not wood, it is definitely made of orange-ish bricks that match the color of the wood. The roofs of the villas are made of straws, and the brown pillars can be seen standing proudly as they support the resort into how it is now. Some of the halls are made of brown bricks that are in circling patterns, while the bottom part of the walls are installed with lamps that would shine the hall romantically thanks to their dim lightnings.

Of course, the same goes for the furniture of the resort. Most the furniture are made with woods also. This can is seen form the chairs made with soft white cushions but framed with brown wooden frames. The receptionist desks are also made of wood, and the same goes for the veranda furniture that mostly consists of wooden chairs and round coffee tables. Everything in this resort is all about woods, though of course there are some furniture who are made with stones and marbles such as the cream-colored bathtub. However, they are colored in such a way that they would match the color of the woods.

Woods Fusing with the Sea in Capella Ixtapa Resort

I am sure people are wondering about me highlighting the wooden aspect of the resort. Why is  the wooden part of the resort so important? I am discussing about a holiday that is nature-friendly and would make one feels refreshed. What other material that can do that except wood? Combine it with the sea scenery, and it would be the perfect holiday. For this reason, I am recommending the elegant Capella Ixtapa Resort in Mexico for everybody.

Capella Ixtapa Resort And Spa With Ocean View

Capella Ixtapa Resort And Spa Wooden Cupboard

Capella Ixtapa Resort And Spa Wooden Dining Sets

Capella Ixtapa Resort And Spa Wooden Drawers

Capella Ixtapa Resort And Spa Wooden Floor Balcon

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