Wooden Accents as Inventive Contemporary House Design

Glossy Marble Floor Venetian Blind White TV Setup White Wardrobe

My mother takes me into house where her old friend lives. They have known each other since at senior high school. When I step into this house, I see a large number of wooden accents applied in this house. It belongs to a modern house that is designed with wooden materials. She lives in Cerdanyola del Valles, Spain. This house is built in area which has wide approximately 5,381 square feet. I like design of outdoor which is full of greenery. Front yard is planted with grasses and shrubs that arouse fresh and pleasant sense.

Outdoor wall is dominated with wood on lower part while upstairs is crafted of rustic brick wall. I get into house through sliding door made of laminate material with wooden pattern. Wooden accents house becomes innovative house which brings out natural view. I sit on white sectional sofa in modern style which is embellished by brown sofa cushions. Box coffee table designed with wood pattern. Stainless steel table tops lay on this table. Under box coffee table, fur rug in brown color is fitted to layer white marble floor.

This living room looks so contemporary with modern furniture and interior designed by YLAB Arquitectos. In this living room I see Tripolina in brown color to relax. Next to white sectional sofa there is drum floor lamp in white. Modern fireplace which is applied in this room is crafted of white marble. Glass bay windows in living room are concealed by venetian blinds. In addition, one of bead board is crafted of laminate wood. Over room hidden lights are fitted to strengthen modern concept.

This modern wooden accents house looks so bright with white color dominate interior design. I climb up stair case pinched laminate wood bead boards that make this staircase seems narrower. I come into work room dominated with white theme on floor, ceiling and bead board. Furniture applied here includes TV setup, easel and modern desk with acrylic swivel chair. Although all living spaces decorated in white, bathroom is dominated in glossy black such as dark marble bead boar and dark glass door.

Laminate Wardrobe Minimalist Staircase Sleek Marble Floor Modern White Sofa

Open Plan Living Room Modern Fireplace White Bed Sofa Luxurious Fur Rug

Rustic Brick Wall Wooden Floor Glazed Pot Green Front Yard

White Marble Floor Modern Bed Sofa Drum Floor Lamp Brown Tripolina

White Themed Bedroom Modern Low Profile Bed Bookcase Headboard Colorful Wall Bar

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