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Become a disk jockey now is the popular job that serve the glamour and fun lifestyle, if you are a disk jockey you should have a modern workspace design that also can be your studio to mix some songs for your performance. The disc jockey job now becomes popular as many of the club that develops grow every year and spread in the world. The movement of the lifestyle of the human life that have a stress tendencies of their office work responsibilities makes people want to let it go and release their stress to get the enjoy and fun moment in their live. Disc Jockey now becomes a popular job as the entertainer that gives the live performance show in the night club.

Modern Workspace Design in Music Themes

This picture is the home design decoration of one of the most popular entertainer in Germany, he also performed as DJ in some clubs in Germany. His name become popular after he got some of the appreciation in their music carrier, he has a workspace design ideas as the place to create his beautiful song. His name also popular because he has a good album for the DJ remix that also sell around the globe. Hans Zimmer is the popular composer that has got many music awards in German. He has a fascinating house with some of his private workspace for doing his music hobbies.

Because he works in the music, he designs their workspace in a music scheme to get an inspirational workspace in his room design ideas. The shade that he tries brings in their room decoration ideas is the genius design combination between the modern technology stuff of his music instrument with the artistic interior ideas as the main design of the room design. The futuristic wall ideas of the unique room design bring the inspirational room design of these lovely home ideas.

Modern Workspace Design Blood Red Themes

The room design ideas will never get alive without any color play inside of the room decoration plans. If you use some colors in your room design ideas and combine it in one good harmony will make your room design ideas makes really alive and have a strong shade. This music workspace design has red themes for the interior design ideas of the room. The blood red sofa with the natural wooden table in the workspace room decoration gives a nice touch in this modern office design.

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Hans Zimmer Workspaces Design

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Red Theme Workspaces Design

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