Wonderful Modern Vivacious Apartment of Vibrant Appearance

Tufted Side Chairs Glass Dining Table Drum Pendant Lamp

In the consideration of the functionality, apartment is a very good residence option. This is especially true for people who wish to stay in one place not permanently. There is also the consideration of having to buy a piece of land first before one can build a house, and it that regard, buying an apartment serves as a good option. However, the beauty of the apartment design is not something to be discarded even for the most practical people. In fact, a modern vivacious apartment in Miami, Florida could be a great example to how beauty may be exhibited simply by carrying all functional capacity.

The Minimalist Design of the Modern Vivacious Apartment

The apartment implements mostly modern design to accommodate the need of minimalist appearance. However, modern style is not the only element in use of this apartment. Some contemporary details successfully turn the apartment into a modern apartment with contemporary touch. The minimalist design of this apartment should be recognized immediately when laying the glance upon the construction of the layout of the apartment interior. Bright details of concrete coming from the wall and the ceiling, in combination with the white marble tiles set as the floor.
The furnishing items serve to accentuate this minimalist look of the room even further. Since an apartment occupies more limited space than a formal house, it is crucial to make every space counts. Even more so if one would want the apartment to have a spacious look. Not only the implementation of minimalist modern furniture that enables the house the apartment to have such characteristic, the arrangement also counts. A prime example would be the bedroom. The bed is really spacious for having only a bed and a small buffet table. Although the space is actually wide enough, the furnishing with only two items, both of minimalist look contributes a lot in establishing the spacious appearance.

The Panoramic View from the Modern Vivacious Apartment

Another good thing about the apartment apart from the modern furnishing items is that it is located far from the ground. This enables the enjoyment of good scenery of the landscape of the city below upon which it is built. This particular apartment, designed by DEN Architecture and is featured in Freshome main site, has just the right panoramic view to complement the purpose of having a residence that is compact in practical sense yet beautiful in aesthetical sense.

White Bed Sofa Futuristic Coffee Table Sofa Cushions Wall Bars

Wine Storage Tufted Side Chairs Glossy Table Tops Glass Dining Table

Bay Window Kitchen Cabinet Electric Stove Range Hood

Contemporary Kitchen Appliances Bay Window Glossy Kitchen Island

Contemporary Toilet Marble Floor White Basins Ceiling Lights

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Dark floor tiles Table lamps Bedside table Modern bed
Modern barstools Ceiling lights Dark floor tiles Glossy countertop
Simple bookcase Modern TV setup White bed sofa Wall bars
White bed sofa Futuristic coffee table Sofa cushions Wall bars
Tufted side chairs Glass dining table Drum pendant lamp
Contemporary toilet Marble floor White basins Ceiling lights
Contemporary kitchen appliances Bay window Glossy kitchen island
Drum floor lamp Cool pillows Glass bay window Amazing bed headboard
Dark bar countertop Elegant barstools Wine storage Ceiling lights
Dark floor tiles Porcelain basins Large mirror Dark bathroom furniture
Large mirror Stainless steel faucet Stylish basin Cream ceramic
Inspiring wallpaper Soft wall lights Modern basin Bathroom set
Sleek floor Indoor plants Ceiling light Glass bay window
Large mirror Porcelain basin Stainless stail faucet Modern toilet
Bay window Kitchen cabinet Electric stove Range hood
Wine storage Tufted side chairs Glossy table tops Glass dining table


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