Wonderful Minimalist Attic Loft Interior Designs

Wonderful Minimalist Attic Design In 2013 With Living Modern Apartment And White Wall White Ceiling Glass Window Wooden Floor Orange Recliner Long White Sofa Hanging Lamp

If you have an attic in your house, Minimalist Attic could be an interesting idea to be applied. The attic becomes an extra room in your house that can be enabled with a maximum to accommodate a variety of needs, including private rooms such as bedrooms and the master bathroom. This time we will give some ideas for decorating an attic in order to be functional and modern room in your home without compromising on the aesthetic value of the interior design.

Besides apartments, loft also becomes an alternative dwelling in large cities that you can consider. This time Minimalist Attic Interior came from Alvhem, a loft attic in Sweden with a front porch which is large enough to put some outdoor furniture like sofas with soft white cushions that will ensure comfort while relaxing breath of fresh air. This terrace is directly related to interior room through the sliding glass doors, a smart idea for a90 square feets loft. The main room apartment consists of a functional living space with dining room, reading room, and a personal workspace. Modern fireplace and staircase room divider be focal points in the room, besides from potted green plants that add freshness to the room.

Minimalist design is the key layout of the room, such as the living room comes with a sofa contemporary gray and rustic wooden table in the middle, and a beige carpet and orange recliner that steal the show. Lighting is coming from the window glass and the LED lights on the ceiling at night. rustic and modern impression can also be captured in the dining room is furnished with wooden dining furniture for six people who look harmonious with shiny hardwood floors underneath, while the chandelier with a decorative wood hood became a focal point in this room.

Modern designs of Minimalist Attic Interior Designs can also be found in the master bedroom is equipped with a contemporary bed with gray bedding and wood bookcase in the corner.

Wonderful Minimalist Attic Design In 2013 With Modern Apartment And White Wall Wooden Dining Table Wooden Dining Chairs Glass Window Sliding Glass Door Wooden Floor

Wonderful Minimalist Attic Design In 2013 With Modern Large Bathroom And White Closet White Wall White Washing Machine Small Mirror Steel Sink

Wonderful Minimalist Attic Design In 2013 With Modern White Kitchen Cabinet And Modern Stove Wooden Floor

Wonderful Minimalist Attic Design In 2013 With Rustic Wooden Chair And Glass Table Personal Workspace Black Carpet Laptop On Table

Wonderful Minimalist Attic Design In 2013 With Wooden Bookcase And Wooden Floor White Wall White Ceiling Glass Window

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