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In addition to the modern home, Contemporary Home is a type of house that is also much in demand. Contemporary home is synonymous with modern and dynamic design that is practical and not out of date, given the contemporary design will always be evolving. If you want to build a contemporary home that is different than the others, then you can take inspiration from contemporary home design with a rectangular shape that is located in Brazil as follows.

As you can see, Linhares Dias House has all the necessary contemporary home exterior design, ranging from rectangular, concrete walls, up to large transparent glass windows, flood the room with sunlight and make it look brighter. On some private space, this window is also decorated with white curtains to give privacy. The Lakeside Contemporary Home consists of two floors, with the bottom floor which houses a vast public space, while the upper floor as a private space such as a bedroom and master bathroom. Sliding glass doors connect the interior with the outdoor space and bring the casual atmosphere in the room, such as this living room which is designed with a brown sofa and two armchairs.

In addition to the sliding glass doors, this home also has a unique flip design door on the patio, and on the other side of the house that connects the structure to the other. While the public spaces are connected directly to the outside of the house, private rooms such as entertainment space comes with white curtains covering the walls. This room is equipped with a warm beige sofa and looks harmonious with brown carpet underneath. Flat screen TV mounted on the wall, while the floor lamps provide adequate lighting in the room. This room is equipped with three-fold wooden doors that connect the exterior of the house to the inside of the room.

The modern concept can also be found in the bathroom of Lakeside Contemporary Home Designs with a shiny white sink and expansive frameless mirror on it.

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