Wonderful Colorful Loft in House

Black Glossy Floor With Glass Transparent And Steel Faucet

To make your loft get the different design with new innovation, maybe you can get your loft in your house with colorful loft. I saw this loft design in my friend’s penthouse in New York. This loft design is really wonderful with patterns colors collide and combined with modern design, her loft is very wonderful.

The Interior Design of Colorful Loft

Related to this situation, to make our loft in our house looks so beautiful and can get the different sensation is not difficult. With colorful loft ideas in my friend’s loft in her penthouse in New York can be inspiration for you. When you are getting bored with ordinary design to your loft, maybe with pattern colors collide to your loft can make your loft has powerful.

My friend used this colorful design for her loft because she wants something new and fresh when she wants spending time in her loft. Her loft has large space, in her loft also completed with the small kitchen and bathroom. With complete facilities, her loft looks so exclusive. She used pink and yellow wallpaper to decorate her wall loft. With polka dot motif, her wallpaper looks so beautiful. In her loft also has small kitchen, her kitchen also decorated with beautiful pink decoration like in her wallpaper. She also added the dining room furniture which has unique shaped. Her dining furniture which has unique shaped and with white color design, she also added white ceiling light design that made her kitchen and her dining room looks so sparkling. Her loft furniture also has colorful design. She used fiber chairs and upholstered chairs which have variety colors design. The floor of her loft also used glossy design and that made her loft has attractive and powerful because of the colors collide design. Her loft also completed with the bathroom, the bathroom used colorful design. So, her loft in her penthouse is really glorious.

Colorful Loft in Your House

If you want extra ordinary loft into your house, you can use this design to make your loft so alive and has the powerful. You can also combine with unique furniture design or modern design to complete your loft comfortable like in my friend’s loft. With colors collide, and good furniture design maybe your loft will become a trend of colorful loft 2013.

Green Sofa With Picture On Wall And Pink Carpet

Chelsea Loft Designed By Karim Rashid

Chelsea Loft Designed By Karim Rashid

Chelsea Loft Designed By Karim Rashid

Chelsea Loft Designed By Karim Rashid

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