Vivacious Compact Apartment of Simple Design in Sweden

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Due to the expensive cost and tax of land owning, it is much simpler to purchase an apartment instead. In the case of having only a small budget even for an apartment purchase, compact apartment is a wonderful option. An example of a simple apartment in Sweden could perhaps give a picture of how limited apartment could be turned into a compact interior that could carry all functionality of a home. Even more, it is still able to exhibit an aesthetical appeal by having beautiful arrangement. This apartment could be considered a reference for future arrangement of furniture.

Vivacious Compact Apartment in Sweden as Reference

There are many places from which reference could be taken. One of which is the main site of Freshome. Freshome itself is a website featuring many architectural projects and works of significant values. It has been mentioned before that an apartment in Sweden would be described as reference in building compact apartment with minimalist look. This particular apartment is also being featured on the main site of Freshome. This apartment is specifically located in the middle Gothenburg, or is referred to as the Bohemian town.

The designer of this magnificent architectural work is unknown. However, what is important to notice is the way the arrangement comes in great portion to make the apartment as functional, and as appealing as it is. The layout construction comprises the use of charming wooden foundation as the floor, and of clean white concrete as the wall and the ceiling. Not only they appear minimalist, the arrangement is really neutral and therefore could be combined easily with any styles of furniture of any arrangement. This makes the whole furnishing activity a lot easier.

The Arrangement of Furniture in the Compact Apartment

Even though the construction of the layout allows the interior of the apartment to be furnished with any furnishing items of any styles and of any colors, the arrangement is not to be abandoned. In fact, the successful arrangement of an apartment with limited space could only be achieved by having compact furnishing items on display. The living room table set is a good example. The table set features a very minimalist table on the center while it uses no chairs but sofas instead. The living room does not feature sofas and chairs separately but instead combines them together to make it compact.

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