Villa Design Idea: Nilsson Villa in Sweden

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Well, yes there are a lot of villa designs that you can find in the world, but this amazing Nilsson villa design idea is surely one of the best. Just like any other villas, this incredible villa design idea is located in a perfect area, at one of the most beautiful beach in Sweden. This stunning villa design idea is a two stories house that provides a great access to surrounding scenery. If you see the structural design of this, you will find it interesting because not like any other villa design, this villa is considered less private.

Well, new let us talk about the structural design of this superb villa design idea. The structural design of this amazing villa design idea is coming in black color. Well, actually this is one of the things that make this house so unique. Basically, when you see this stunning villa design idea, you will only see black structure with a lot of glass in it. The glass is not only use in windows, but it also uses in beautiful railing over look the beach. In the back yard, which facing the beach, there is a great swimming pool that you can enjoy while you see the sunset.

The inner side of this perfect villa design idea is decorated by using modern minimalist design. Look at the simple minimalist kitchen alongside the dining area. But, the real beauty that you can find in this inner area is not the design, but the atmosphere that provide by open space setting and the windows in which you can see the lovely surrounding scenery while you enjoying the inner side of this stunning villa design idea.

That was few excellence’s that you can get from this gorgeous villa design idea. Superb villa design idea like this Nilsson villa is something that can make our holiday become more amazing, indeed.

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