Vibrant Colorful Apartment in Gothenberg

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Apartment comes as an alternative of residence option when buying a land and later constructing a house is out of consideration due to the expensive cost. However, even though normally apartment comes in already set arrangement, some apartments come empty without furnishing and it is up to their suitors to decide. Of course there would still be other fixed constructions like the room layout, but the task is only to complement the design of the layout. For example, a colorful apartment could fit as a choice to complement a neutral colored apartment layout.

Swedish Colorful Apartment as a Reference

Sometimes even when the conceptualization is quite definite, everything becomes blurry when it comes to actual arranging and constructing process. That is why a reference is always needed to help when blank idea from which to start occurs. A reference in Freshome could serve a great help in giving inspiration of how to get started. A Swedish apartment displayed on the main site in Freshome displays just the right cheerful apartment arrangement as a guide.
The apartment comes in neutral construction layout color scheme. It is mainly cream all over the building, although the wall is composed of concrete while the floor is composed of wooden planks. This neutral color scheme of the layout makes it easy to decorate it even with flashiest of colors of the furniture. For example, the family room of the apartment features a white sofa as to blend with the room color decorated with blanket of pink and pillows of red rose motives. The room is decorated with many artworks of paintings. The paintings also accommodate rich variation of bright color to make the room livelier. The single lighting of the room comes in the shape of many cups of distinct colors hanging together.

The Veranda of the Colorful Apartment

It is not only the inside of the apartment that features a lot of bright colors. Right outside the apartment, a balcony—wide enough to serve as a veranda, is furnished with bright apartment furniture retaining similar bright theme. The wooden porch is covered in many carpets of distinct colors. There is a table set, and a set of sofas also being put on display. Each of the set is decorated with lavender pillows to further brighten the mood and the atmosphere of the balcony.

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