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Modern Wall Mounted Bathroom Modern Vanity Mirror Decor

I was one of many people who thought that vanity set is nothing important. After all, they are just a bunch of mirrors that are accompanied with cabinets, what are is so special about them? However, I stumbled on some sets that are designed with enchanting design and gorgeous details that made me change my mind in a snap. To prove my statement, I am going to describe on the sets I stumbled upon.

Vanity Set with Style

Until today, these vanity set designs have not fail to meet my expectation. The first design is where the cabinets are mounted, as they are installed on the wall. The cabinets are made of wood, and it has surfaces that are made of polished orange stone that makes the set looks refined. The set is completed with two round mirrors that are placed above the cabinets, and the mirrors are placed right above the sinks that are made of the orange stone. Of course, there are also metallic taps that complete the set.

There is also another design that have been haunting my mind until now. The cabinet of this set is also mounted. However, unlike the first one, this set has one sink that can be seen on the surface of the black stone cabinet. The drawers of the cabinets, however, are covered with wood, giving an interesting and unique contrast as brown and black are placed side by side. The mirror of this set is not like the first set either. The mirror, placed above the cabinet, is a rectangular elongated mirror that is installed horizontally right on top of the cabinet. The horizontal installation makes it possible for the mirror to cover every part of the cabinet.

Vanity Set as Decoration

I hope the description above can make people understand why I admire those sets. The sets are simple, but they are enchanting enough to make the room where the set is installed enchanting. Of course, it is no other than the smart color scheme of the sets, making the simplest things of the sets look beautiful and different from normal sets. The simple yet luxurious aspect of the stylish vanity set designs make me love them and recommend them to the people I know, including you readers.

Modern Wall Mounted Black Creamed Color Vanity Bathroom Modern Design

Modern Wall Mounted Creamed Color Vanity Bathroom Sink Modern Bold Mirror

Bathroom Wooden Brown Vanity Modern Wall Mounted Bathroom Window Glass

Modern Wall Mounted Bathroom Double Mirror And Sink Vanity Design

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