Unique Soneva Gili Resort for Exciting Adventure

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Whoever said that traveling and staying a resort cannot be done at the same time should definitely go to Soneva Gili Resort. Located in Maldives, the resort has a unique appearance that will give the guests some exciting adventure that can be done while enjoying the excellent service of the resort at the same time. The resort that can be enjoyed more in one way will definitely make vacation funner and better!

Unique Design of Soneva Gili Resort

How can one take adventure in Soneva Gili Resort by Six Senses? Yes, it is possible, all thanks to the unique design of the resort. Instead of being packed in one certain location, the resort is spread throughout the island. That is right, the resort branches out into four different directions, making the resort to “scatter” all over the island. The resort has private rooms in the form of huts lining up in the middle of the sea, and they are all connected with a single path that leads to the main building on the island. This way, the guests can take some “walk” before getting to the main building. In fact, he can also “tour around” the resort by “getting through” the island. Walking has never been this convenient.

Do not worry about comfort, because the design for each of the private room is not as “scattered” as the resort’s design. In the form of little huts, the private rooms are complete, just like a mini house on the sea. The huts have reclining sections on the “veranda” that is decked with colorful pillows so that the guests can lie down while enjoying the sea. The same goes for the dining “room” that is on the veranda. Though really, the beautiful sea can be enjoyed even from simple bedroom that is decked with white bed and orange furniture. This is all thanks to the rattan material of the huts that can easily be detached.

Enjoying Sea & Nature in Soneva Gili Resort

From the pictures, it is obvious that the things that can be enjoyed best are the sea and the greenery of the island. The scattered style of the resort gives excuse for the guests to enjoy the greenery. Moreover, the path that leads the private huts to the main building is extremely long, and that is where the guests can get to enjoy the sea. It seems that nature is enjoyed best in the adventerous Soneva Gili Resort by Six Senses.

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