Unique Ski Resort Interior for a Better Holiday

Exotic WhitePod Alpine Ski Resort Facade

Spending the holiday with skiing is very interesting in the summer. The blue sky and white snow will be a wonderful view. If you decide to go skiing, you can go to the White Pod Alpine Ski Resort. In this ski resort, you will found the unique some accommodation units. Those accommodation units are made in the igloos shape. Not only the unique shape, these units also have a fantastic ski resort interior inside it. You will found many fascinating time in the cabins. You will be able to have a wonderful feeling there.

This white colored igloo is completed with warm furniture. Since this cabin is located in the mountain, you will feel the cold. To decrease it, the cabin is completed with the wooden ski resort interior design. When you step inside the cabin, you will see the wooden wall and hardwood floor. A traditional fireplace is located near the wall. The wood supplies for the fireplace is available near it. Many wooden tables and black chairs are placed here.

Wooden stair is installed to make you able to go on the upper level. There a long wooden island with black chairs around it. In this upper level, you can spend your time in the long black sofa in the shape of letter “L” with long white cushions above it. The animal skin rug is placed under the sofa. For the table, it has a wooden leg which made like a sleigh with glass on top of it. Yellow light make it cozier.

In the bedroom, the white double bedroom will welcome you. Red cushion with thick quilt will keep you warm in your sleep. A small black fireplace is located in each bedroom. Traditional lighting makes this room calmer. Each wooden chair in the bedroom is wrapped with white fur. This traditional ski resort interior 2013 will give you a warmer atmosphere in the cold weather.

Awesome WhitePod Alpine Ski Resort Exterior With Snowy Alpine Background

Beautiful Ski Resort In Swiss

Brown Curtain With Leather Rugs For Bedroom Decor

Cozy WhitePod Alpine Ski Resort Bar With Yellow Neon And Barstool

Modern Ski Resort With Woodfireplace

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