Unique Nobis Hotel’s Contemporary Design

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Nobis Hotel is like no other hotels, all due to its unique design, shape, and style.  Located in Russia’s Moscow, this hotel is designed with a stylish 19th century ambiance blended with the modern contemporary design that surprise many of its guests This hotel’s design will give a unique experience that can never be felt from other hotels, adding another reason why this hotel is something unique and special.

Contemporary with Classiccal in Nobis Hotel

The contemporary design of Nobis Hotel by Claesson Koivisto Rune can definitely be felt in the hotel’s lobby. Unlike other hotels, the lobby is divided into sections. A section has its own couch, coffee table, carpet, and even color (each section has different colors), creating a bunch of living rooms inside the lobby. The centerpiece for each section is different, as the centerpieces range from figures to natural potted plants in the middle of the coffee tables. The same goes for the gray-colored chairs and their round coffee tables at the sides of the lobby. Each section has its own standing lamp, but a large crystal chandelier is placed in the middle of the lobby, creating a romantic and elegant ambiance.

What make the hotel more unique, however, are the four towers placed in the middle of the lobby. In fact, that is what the hotel is all about. The towers are designed with a classical design, from the windows shapes and the balcony’s fence design. The round towers are connected to the ceiling that is dominated by blue, and unique round glass ceilings are created in the middle of the ceiling. In fact, that is where the huge crystal chandelier is hanged from.

Unique Moment in Nobis Hotel

The unique aspect of this hotel is what makes this hotel famous among people, especially tourists in Moscow. It makes sense though, seeing the design of the hotel. After all, not many hotels would blend classical style with contemporary style into one. Experiencing something like that would be an unforgettable experience too, as that is the moment where modern time meets the older days in this world. Where else this can be gotten, except in the unique and elegant Nobis Hotel by Claesson Koivisto Rune?

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