Unique Maggie-Wright Kitchen for Simple Elegance

Ceramics Floor Hanging Lamp And Marble Table

Out of all the kitchens I have seen so far in my life, I find Maggie-Wright Kitchen to be the most intriguing kitchen I saw. This is because of the design of the kitchen that gives a unique ambiance in the kitchen. Everything about the kitchen is so classical and traditional, it makes the kitchen looks so elegant. However, at the same time, the kitchen is also modern thanks to some of the furniture that are installed in the kitchen. See how unique the kitchen is? I am sure everybody will love the design of the kitchen.

Elegance of Maggie-Wright Kitchen

The elegance of Maggie-Wright Kitchen by Designer Kitchen should not be doubted at all. I mean, look at the island of the kitchen already! The island is something unique because the island is used as the dining table for the kitchen Coated with marble for its top and cork as its foundation, the island is paired with brown rustic chairs that totally match the island. There are two round cabinets placed at the ends of the island. The cabinets have two doors with tribal pattern, while things such as fruits of dining utilities are placed on those wooden cabinets. It is pretty unique, is it not?

Let us not forget the surrounding of the island Cabinets in white and brown (wooden) are installed at the sides of the walls, and the same goes for the stove, washing machine, and so on. Two small white-framed windows are installed at the side where the stove and the sink are located. The floor reminds me of subway tiles since that is how the white floor tiles are arranged in the kitchen. Meanwhile, the ceiling has a white accent that follows the shape of the island, and the white accent is hanged with chandelier that looks like a Chinese paper lamp. Basically, the island is not the only interesting aspect of this kitchen. Everything is interesting here.

Stylish Dining inside Maggie-Wright Kitchen

From the pictures, it can be seen that the kitchen by Designer Kitchen is truly unique and amazing. The ambiance it gives, no doubt, is something that will leave the residents and guests speechless. The amazing design of the kitchen will enhance the house into a whole new level. Formal dining outside home might not even be necessary anymore thanks to this kitchen. The amazing Maggie-Wright Kitchen by Designer Kitchen is truly unique in its own ways.

Round Table With Storage White Ceramics Floor

White Cabinets Round Table With Storage Ceramics Floor

White Wooden Drawers Round Table With Storage

Wooden Drawers Bespoke Kitchen Design Ceramics Floor

Wooden Drawer White Glass And White Door With Gold Faucet

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