Unique LA House That Stands Out

Unique House Architecture In Brazil Traditional Partition

LA House gives a whole new definition to the word “unique.” How can this statement be proved? Those who have seen the appearance of the house will know what I mean. The house stands tall in Brazil, Londrina, making the house look like a special decoration of the neighborhood because of its unusual and different design that is not like its neighbors. The revolutionizing design by Studio Guilherme Torres makes it a proud part of the neighborhood. It makes sense though, seeing the outside and the inside of the house.

Design of LA House

What makes the exterior appearance of LA House by Studio Gilherme Torres unique and different from the others? Even from faraway, it is obvious that it has a design that is like no other houses. From road, it will look as if a white block is stacked vertically on its side with another block that is made of wood. Those who think that it is just some angle trick, prepare their minds because that is what this house is all about. Yep, the house is “stacked” on top on each other, and that is what makes this house different from other houses.

Those who are worried about the interior design should be relaxed, because the house has a great interior design that is as unique as the exterior design of the house. For example, the living room is mostly in white thanks to the white walls and floor, but they are enchanted with the unique pixel pattern on the wall that reminds me of games. The living room is also made more unique with the existence of light blue mattress on top of the white carpet that is meant for the gray couch. Some furniture of the house, such as the slanted mini table near by the stairs and the black and white color scheme of the kitchen furniture, decorate the house with its unique aspects, enchanting the house more and more.

Harmonizing with Uniqueness in LA House

See how uniqueness decorates every corner of the house? From the color scheme to the shapes of the furniture, not a thing escaped from the unique aspect of the house. I am sure living in this unique and different LA House by Studio Guilherme Torres will give the residents exciting and unique moments that will be enjoyable.

Unique House Facade Architecture In Brazil Traditional Partition With Street View

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