Unique J20 House’s Design

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Even from the outside, J20 House has something that makes it look different from the other houses. Located Croatia’s Zagreb, the house looks unique already from the outside. Everything from its structure and the color schemes of the house are not something that can be considered as usual. Because of this, the house becomes something that easily attracts people’s eyes and attention, leading to the discovery of the house’s unique aspect. Yep, DAR612 really knows how to design their houses.

J20 House’s Unusual Style

For those who want something different and unusual from J20 House by DAR612, do not worry because their expectation from this house is fulfilled. Just look at the house’s exterior appearance! The house is shaped like a T, where a block of house extends itself from the middle of the vertical part of the house. To make the house more distinguished, the designer colored the outside of the house in white, with the exception of the tip of the T. Much glass can also be seen decorating the house, making the house more modern and unique. If the outside is already like this, imagine how the inside is going to be?

Stop imagining, because the inside is as awesome as the outside of the house! Everything about the inside is painted in white, making the house looks modern and futuristic. Everything, even the furniture, is colored in white. Worry not, because there are always the wooden floors that balance things out. In fact, these two colors create a unique contrast, especially on the white-colored hall that is decked with wooden staircase. The house also has a swimming pool that has a unique illumination, because the ceiling is decked with hidden neon that is ready to enhance the swimming pool section. It can be seen, the inside as modern as the inside.

Living in J20 House with Style

The unique house that looks cool and futuristic is definitely perfect for those who love living in stylish houses. What aspect of this house is not stylish? It is painted in cool and futuristic color, and the house has some unique lightnings that make the house more unique. Trust me, the different J20 House by DAR612 still give style lover’s satisfaction that cannot be gotten easily from normal houses.

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