Unique Hotel Barcelo Raval’s Unusual Design

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For those who wants to try something different, Hotel Barcelo Raval is probably the place they should go. Located in Barcelona, this hotel has a design that is considered as unique and special because of its design that is elegant but also odd at the same time. However, that is what makes this hotel special and different from the other hotels. Because of this, I am sure the guests will love the hotel’s unique style.

Unique Design for Unique Hotel Barcelo Raval

I am going to describe some parts of Hotel Barcelo Raval by CMV Architects to prove its difference. The dining room, for example, is in black and white, but that is not the main aspects of the dining room. Although the chairs are in different colors (black and white), the unique pebble-like pattern of the wall will distract the guests away from the chairs. The same goes for the white standing lamps in floral pattern. The chandeliers are also another interesting aspects of the room, as the chandeliers are actually white lamps lined up on the ceiling, filling up the ceiling. However, the best past has got to be the centerpieces. What is better than tulips as centerpieces, with silver rhinoceros/pig statue next to the tulips?

The same goes for the design of the bedroom. The bed might in the color of simple white, but the walls and the ceilings are the things that colored the bedroom. Unlike the floor and the bed, the ceilings and the walls are not in white. Their colors can range to velvet red to neon green. The bedroom also has cage-like windows that give a different vibe fro other normal windows. From the outside, the hotel looks like a caged tower where beautiful neon lights shine brightly from the windows.

Modernization in Hotel Barcelo Raval

The hotel is definitely different from the rest, right? The hotel is in varied colors, giving a rainbow-like appearance at times. The furniture is also unique when it comes to their shapes and design, even to the point of oddity at times. Yet despite the bizarre aspects of the hotel, the hotel is still greatly loved by the tourists and the locals. This proved that the unique and stylish Hotel Barcelo Raval by CMV Architects actually work because of its unique design.

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White Bed Wall Mounted Headboard Hotel Barceló Raval

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