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Orange Big Pillows Google Tel Aviv Office

Google have created some of the best and unique things in this world with its Google Tel Aviv office as an example. Located in Israel’s Tel Aviv, this giant virtual company created something different inside its office. The designer combined many different elements into one, making every room different from the rest. This way, not a single room of the office is the same, as each one of them has their own special aspect inside themselves. Trust me, exploring the office is like exploring the world.

Different things Inside Google Tel Aviv Office

The contrast among the rooms of Google Tel Aviv Office by Camenzind Evolution will make it seem as if every one of the rooms is not related at all. I mean, just look at the discussion hall of the office. It is decked with furniture of different kinds, with the view of the great Grand Canyon plastered on the right side of the room. The floor is mad beautifully with bricks and small brown tiles for the higher floor level. The large windows of the room give the direct view of the busy Tel Aviv, while the large pillars that support the room has the word Google printed at their tops. This is probably the simplest room of the office, but its simplicity is definitely refined.

However, do not underestimate the bizarre state of the other rooms. The bar of the office, where one can relax himself away, is made of white bar table with the word Google imprinted on it. Round yellow lamps are lined up neatly on top of the white table, in set with the white chairs of the table. Two reclining chairs with a round coffee table are positioned to face the window so that Tel Aviv can be seen directly through the windows. The best part, however, is definitely the long cream water pipe that is from the ceiling to the floor. It is the ornament of the room that makes the room feel more unique and accented.

Adventure inside Google Tel Aviv Office

From the pictures the bizarre aspects of the office is definitely unusual and unique. However, that is the plus point of the office since the design prevents the workers to feel bored staying inside the office. In fact, they might even love the office because the office gives a different feeling from other buildings. Going through the enchanting Google Tel Aviv office by Camezind Evolution is like an adventure, after all.

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