Unique Flat Apartment to Outsmart Space

Amusing Flat Apartment Design Wooden Floor White Wall Balloon Lamp

This is not just a usual flat apartment in the city. This is a flat room that has been through alteration to comfort the need of the new owner. My first impression is this flat has a smart way to use small space to adequate the owner’s need. The space actually a bit small with the diagonal axis in the center of the house, divided the room into two different sections. But the wise use of bright color walls and the use of golden lining in some places make the room look bigger and brighter.

Flat Apartment Unique Design

Here in this flat I can sense the creativity and the living atmosphere throughout the room. The mezzanine in this flat apartment design is really taken into consideration to be fully useful and not wasted. Look at the kitchen area, mezzanine is used for wine and other bottle rack, while between the diagonal alleys is used for storage. You can reach this storage with the use of sliding stairs. This mezzanine also can be used for simple lounge to entertain couple of friends. You can reach the lounge mezzanine by a very unique stairs which given the effect of flowing magic carpet with reflection of the tiles.

The main area, as you can see in this picture is kitchen which blended with living room. The high ceiling allows the room to look bigger and can added artistic touch to the ceiling. Like this one in the kitchen, the ceiling was crafted in gold and put hanging lamps in it. This art is differentiating the kitchen from the living room and dining room next to in which given purely plain white ceilings. The activity board in the walls next to the dining table is given personalization to the room.

Flat Apartment Outsmart Design

The owner of this house obviously loves books. They need a lot of space to place their books. Fortunately with some outsmart ideas, the books is not just a pile of junk. Look more on the ideas to outsmart the place in these pictures. You can find the smart way to make art as book racks where you can show up your collections. The space beneath the stairs which facing the living room also can be used as book shelving. The other side of the space beneath the stairs can be used as mini storage where you can neatly put your clothes and other belonging there. Organizing flat apartment is not difficult while all you need is bunch of creative ideas and dare to be different.

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