Unique Decorator Showcase 2010 to Boast

Pixilated Bathroom Custom Mosaic Tile Pixilated Bathroom Design Ideas

Showcase is definitely a source for inspiration for some unique design, and this goes especially for Decorator Showcase 2010. Took place in the colorful San Francisco, there is a certain design that made people drop their jaws in awe. The design is something unique and simple thanks to the unusual pattern and shapes that exist inside this showcase. This design is definitely something that should definitely be used as source of inspiration.

Special Decorator Showcase 2010

This unique design in San Fransisco Decorator Showcase 2010 definitely took the spotlight during that time. What makes the design unique is because of the pixelated design of the wall and floor, with the pixels in the color of black and white. The pixels are not without unique pattern of course. The pixels create cute and meaningful sentences on the wall of the bathroom, from the word “behind” to “wash.” The words are also placed on the mirror of the bathroom also, but the words are in white. The other side of the bathroom’s white wall is decorated with round black ornament table that has yellow and white flowers at its top. Dim yellow lamps are attached orderly at the side of the white ceiling, giving a romantic ambiance.

The walls and floors are not the only unique aspect of this showcase though. The simple white sink has the inside with the color of yellow for a bright and enchanting look. Next to the sink is where a huge classical painting is placed. The picture gives a refreshing ambiance that matches the feeling of the bathroom because it has the painting of a woman swimming inside a lake. Other furniture is in bright yellow also to match the inside of the cabinet. Shells and sea-like ornaments also deck the bathroom to complete the fresh ambiance that is in the unique bathroom.

Fresh and Unique Decorator Showcase 2010

Fresh and unique are the right words that define this unique showcase. The bright colors fuse together to create one light theme that will definitely fresh in the eyes, and the pixelated pattern of the bathroom even makes everything better. Trust me, using this pixelated San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2010 is definitely as inspiration is definitely the right choice.

Pixilated Bathroom Custom Mosaic Tile Pixilated Bathroom Design

Pixilated Bathroom Custom Mosaic Tile Pixilated Bathroom

Pixilated Bathroom Design Black White Mosaic Tile Bathroom

Pixilated Bathroom Design Pixilated Bathroom Custom Mosaic Tile

Yellow Pixilated Bathroom Custom Mosaic Tile Pixilated Bathroom Design

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