Unique Cubic-Shaped House Design Ideas

Awesome Architecture House Design With Cubic Shape And Stair Enterence

Nowadays, people try to build a house, aside from the usual square house, like a cubic-shaped house with outward part on the upper floor. This house is located in a peaceful region near the old town of Cracow in Poland, designed by RS+ Robert Skitek. The house offers a great design of house, not just the exterior, but also in the interior, and a great view of the hillside.

This outstanding modern cubic-shaped house has white colored wall with a long swimming pool outside and a small garden. The cubic part of the house has a large window and is the main part of this house’s design and the cubic isn’t just one but there are some, making this house looks like a one-storey house with some cubes added above it. The back part of the house also looks very great with a high window that makes it as a long stripe to the house, with a shape like a Tetris game piece.

The outside of the house, there is a long gate that is a result of combined concrete small pillars and metal railings for security. At night, you can see how the lighting of the house will go out and give a view of what’s inside the house from outside, and how the first floor will be hid in the darkness and leave the cubic shape parts of the house that looks like standing on a white large concrete board.

Like the exterior, the interior also uses many glasses that allow people to connect each other, even from different rooms in the same floor. The stairs made from wood and is look like floating with clear metal strings’ railings. The living room is designed with modern black furniture. On the ceiling, there is a nice hanging decoration made from metal balls, connected with some strings that beautify the cubic-shaped house interior and reflected nicely on the wall panel.

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