Unique Chinese Home Design by AZL architects

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I found an impressive Chinese home design which is located in Nanjing, China. This Chinese home was entitled CIPEA No.4 House. The designer, AZL architects, gave surprising touches for the exterior design and interior design with contemporary look. To make sure, I provide some photos of this amazing CIPEA No.4 House. You can have a look at the pictures to find more ideas.

Chinese Home Design: Exterior Design

Before we get into the Chinese home interior design, let us see the surprising exterior design of this house. This house was designed in attractive cuboid shape. It has impressive white color with some horizontal lines and some holes which are similar to lips shape. The designer employed glass for the wall so that at the night, as you can see at the picture, the lighting’s from inside the house beautify the image of the house from outside. At the top, we can see nice wooden deck with outdoor pool.

Chinese Home Design: Interior Design

Getting closer to the house, we need to see the interior design of the house. This contemporary house has the combination of white color and wooden furniture inside the house. For example, as you can see at the toilet, there are impressive white wall tiles with some black dots, white furniture, and wooden wall. You can also find impressive white room with stylish chandeliers, wooden table, wooden bench, and glossy white wall table. Some lights, such as LED lights, ceiling lamps, and wall lamps are also employed.

Besides having the ideas of the exterior design and interior design, you should also have a look again to the pictures to find more ideas of landscaping, modern furniture, and some unique home designs. You can also give more focus on the modern Chinese home interior design, modern Chinese home exterior design, and the modern Chinese home decoration.

Shade Wooden Table Stylish Hanging Chandelier White Ceiling Design

Unique Chinese Home Design Facade Designed In Attractive Cuboid Shape

Unique Chinese Home Design Top Roof Made Of Wooden Deck With Pool

Unique Chinese Home Design White Wall Color With Horizontal Line And Holes Looks Like Lips

Bathroom Design White Wall Tiles With Some Black Dots Wooden Furniture

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