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I decide to visit my cousin’s house for a while because I have not yet found comfort apartment during I study at this university. My cousin’s house is quite large so she provides a lot of bedroom that is provided for guests. She shows me all bedrooms that enable me to take a rest. She allows me to choose best bedroom based on my choice. First bedroom is designed in unique bed headboard. I never guess that there is unique bed head board that is designed as aquarium. This large aquarium spread blue lights because of two table lamps that are placed inside of aquarium.
This aquarium is really large. Design of this headboard with fish tanks idea is really unique. This bed headboard forms curve shape in middle. Base of this headboard is equipped with drawer made of wood. Surely these drawers are put on both side of bed. I am sure that I can sleep soundly under this headboard which is decorated with fish and aquatic plants. Some ornaments are placed inside of this headboard. Bed frame is made of wood with mattress that feels so soft and cushy. This bed is covered by glossy quilt. Several pillows wrapped in different pattern of pillow cases lay on this bed.
Then I move to other bedroom where my cousin sleeps. Here, I can see unique design of bedroom. This room is furnished with white low profile bed in modern style of course. Headboard of this low profile bed rather bends that seems like slide. But I find wall sticker that is painted like tree right above this bed headboard. This wall sticker arouses view as if this tree grows from bed headboard.
This low profile bed is furnished with grey color of mattress. I think this grey mattress is compatible to be applied on modern low profile bed. Pillows lying on this bed are wrapped in grey and orange pillow cases. Under this bed, there is fur rug that is polished in black color. All decoration in this room is white including bead board, low profile bed, and white marble floor. It creates contrast view of black fur rug and wall sticker above headboard.

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