Unique Bathtubs as Ornaments

Marvellous Decorated Bathtubs With Classic Art Bathrooms Anka Elisabetta Luceri

Do not be mistaken about bathtubs, because they are important aspects of the bathrooms also. I mean, this is the whole reason why designers designed the tubs into unique shapes and unique colors. Sure, the tubs can be plain and normal looking, but trust me, having unique tubs will definitely make the bathroom loo different, revamping the bathroom into a whole new level by itself. Having unique tubs will definitely not be regretted.

Amazing Bathtubs Designs

Here are some examples of some bathtubs by Anika Elisabetta Luceri. For those who want elegant style, the best kind of tub would definitely the kind of tub that has calm colors that are not too bright or too deep, such as light cream. The tub could be wrapped in light cream with the inside having the color of white. For more elegance, some classical Greek paintings can be done in the middle of the tub. The legs of it could also be in classical design.

For those who want modern tubs that are also trendy, they can play with the color scheme of the tub. For example, a tub with black color can have some floral patterns in the color of white to match the black. The patterns could be in the form of vines taking over the bottom part of the tub, and the tub should have silver or white legs to make the black less dominating. For white tub, colorful patterns can be used to make the tub less bare. For example, red tulips can be placed at the side of the tub. Do not forget the legs, but this time, it can be in any color from white to silver. However, make sure that the legs match the color of the tub.

Stylish Bathtub for the Bathroom

As it can be seen, the designs of the tub are not that complicated or grand.  They are just simple design that uses simple patterns that are mixed with natural color to create the perfect combination that enhances the bathroom. Trust me, using these elegant yet cute bathtubs by Anika Elisabetta Luceri will change the bathroom from something dull and plain into something amazing and outstanding that will definitely amaze people who set their sights on them.

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