Unique Au Viex Panier’s Revolutionizing Design

Panic Room With Orange And Blue Colour

Staying in Au Viex Panier would give a unique experience that will be hard to find in any other hotels in this world. What makes the hotel that is residing in France’ Marseille different from the rest? The designer, artist Tilt, designed the inside of the rooms into something unique and unusual, as the designer applied an uncommon color scheme into the rooms of the hotel. What could it be? It is no other than the use of colors halfway. That is right, only half of the room is designed. The other half is also colored, but it uses different color from the other half.

Halfway Scheme in Au Viex Panier

If what I said about Au Viex Panier by artist Tilt did not make sense, I am doing to describe it completely. Everything about the color schemes in the rooms is halfway. That is, only half of the room is painted in white. From the ceiling to the floor, only halfway is painted. What about the other half of the room? They are painted still, but they are painted with something revolutionizing, and that is no other than graffiti. Basically, the rooms are painted into two. One half of the room is in white, and the other half of the room is in graffiti. Yep, this is what makes the hotel different.

Unfortunately or fortunately, this applies to the furniture too. The poor bed that is placed in the middle of the room has to be colored into two, white and graffiti. The same for the mirror is placed across the bedroom. The television and the chair next to the window are safe though, since they are fully in the graffiti zone. There are some graffiti paintings in the white area, but they are framed with white frames. Still, the fact that everything is halfway is something that should be remembered about this hotel.

Creativity in Au Viex Panier

Does this reflect the creative personality of the designer? Probably, but what matters is the fact that the hotel is painted in “half,” and this is what make the hotel took the spotlight. Having such unique color scheme, many visit this hotel only wanting to feel how it feels living in two different “worlds.” So far, they love it. Of course, that is to be expected from the creative Au Viex Panier by artist Tilt and its one in a million designs.

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