Two Style at Once in Elegant Apartment by Sergey Makhno

White Bathtub Brown Curtain Hanging Lamps WIth Red Cables

The elegant apartment creation of Sergey Makhno is a perfect proof that several styles can in fact be combined at once when it comes to interior design. The apartment that is meant here is no other else but the one located in Kiev, Ukraine and is called as the Podil Loft Apartment. Instead of using one style only, the designer use two styles for the elegant apartment design. In simple words, those styles can be said to be the old style and the new style. These two contrast styles finally create a living environment that is so stylish besides of the fact that it also looks old and modern at the same time.

First of all, let us talk about the old style of the elegant apartment. There are several touches that show a rather old atmosphere and look in the living space. These touches are obtained mainly from a lot of antique stuff placed in the interior. Let us say that there are; chairs with wooden frame, antique wooden furniture, and some others. Other than those, there are also some parts of the apartment that are adorned with brick walls. The last but not least, brown color is a thing that can represent old style in there.

The new touches that can be found in this elegant apartment are quite the same in the way that it can be found in many elements of the living space. For example, there is concrete wall that can be combined perfectly with the old brick wall as told before. Besides, some sliding doors are also added as replacements of the actual doors that exist first in the apartment. Because of this fact, the apartment also becomes a perfect place for young souls to live in.

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