Tropical Saguaro Palm Springs for Californian Vibe

Saguaro Palm Springs Hotel Guestroom Desk

For those who want to feel the feeling of staying in California everywhere, they should definitely go to Saguaro Palm Springs. Located in the heart of California itself, the hotel is a simple-designed resort that will definitely give the guests what they need to create their perfect Californian vacation. Moreover, it has a colorful design that will definitely brighten everybody’s moods, boosting the comfort that exists in this hotel.

Colorful California in Saguaro Palm Springs

The cute design of Saguaro Palm Springs in California will definitely give the same colorful feeling California gives to everybody. Even at the swimming pool, everything is colorful. With a semi-circle and square fused together for the swimming pool’s shape, the outside of the swimming pool is decked with reclining chairs in the color of orange and pink. To add more colors, the designer painted the balcony section of the rooms in different colors, from light green to flashy red. Of course, the color pattern is in row, creating a vertical rainbow-like appearance. Palms are decorating the swimming pool here and there to give the colorful “tropical spring” vibe.

If the outside is too colorful for some people, they definitely should not enter the private rooms of the hotel. The inside of the room matches the color of the balcony, so expect different colors for different rooms. The designer make sure though that the furniture matches with the walls and floors of the room. For example, the room with blue wall is decked with green furniture, and so on. However, every room has one thing in common: rainbow blankets and rattan chairs and coffee tables placed next to the balcony doors. Everything in this hotel is just full of color, making it as feel rainbow itself exists in this very hotel.

Rainbow Residing in Saguaro Palm Springs

The colorful appearance of the hotel is just like a rainbow, is it not? That is probably what made this hotel uses “spring” as part of its name though. With the palm trees, the colors of the hotel would brighten and refresh the guests’ eyes and minds, making them feel as if they are born anew from a spring. That is not really a bad reason to stay in the colorful but neat Saguaro Palm Springs in California though.

Saguaro Palm Springs Hotel Guestroom Overview

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Saguaro Palm Springs Hotel Guestroom

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