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Simple Bisazza Bagno Collection Black Hanging Lamps Combined With White Closet

The collection by Bisazza Bagno is definitely something that gives treat to the eyes. The collection I am going to discuss about is designed by no other than Marcel Wanders, and trust me, the design is something unique that will definitely be loved by everybody. It has a simple minimalist black and white design that is not only cliché but also stylish and amazing. Trust me, every piece of this collection is definitely worth the amount it takes.

Minimalist Bisazza Bagno for Everybody’s Eyes

I really mean it when I said that Bisazza Bagno by Marcel Wanders is definitely something that is amazing despite of its simplicity. How is it so simple? This is because of the fact that the house is decked with black and white only. That is right, the collection is in a minimalist design with the color of black and white. The walls, ceiling, and floor of the collection is in white, while some of the furniture are decked in the color of black. As it can be seen, this house is so minimum in color that there is barely any color other than black and white in this house.

Now let us talk about the furniture of the collection. The amount of furniture in the collection might be little or barely there, but that does not mean that the furniture is not unique in itself. The bathtub itself is like a big porcelain candy that is dented in the middle, creating a cute but unique bathtub. The mirror and the ornament table might have a classical design, but it is still wrapped in black and white. A simple bouncy black chair is placed across the bathtub, and many long mirrors framed in black are lined up orderly on the white wall. A white flower chandelier is hanged in the middle of the ceiling, completing the collection.

Bisazza Bagno for Any House

The simplicity of the collection makes the collection convenient at the same time. Its simple design makes it available to be used for any home of any size and theme because of the blend of tradition and modernization furniture in the collection. The convenience of the minimalist Bisazza Bagno by Marcel Wanders gives it another reason to be used by everybody’s houses.

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