Traffic-Free; Minimalist White Flat

Compact Apartment Ts Design Project In Moscow With Minimalistic Decor

Living in a flat is kind of normal today. People tend to live in such place because it is practical. Flat offers you a miniature of house with complete rooms. There are dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and even living room. And you can get it all in one place. Living in flat will give you advantages, especially if you live on your own. With the large room, you don’t need to worry about running out of space. Besides, you can rearrange your stuff wherever you want and make your own design. And on this article, we will give you tips and trick how to make your traffic-free flat, even when you are living with your partner.

To have a flat means that you are responsible to everything inside it. And it involves the arrangement of the stuff. Yes, you can arrange it all as you like it. But, arranging stuff sometimes drives you crazy. Sometimes you just put the stuff in one side, so you only have one route in traffic. And it gets worse when you are having a party or guests in your flat. It seems like you have no space to move. The whole lot stuff needs a good arrangement, or else you will not get a traffic-free flat. In order to have minimalist traffic-free flat, you need to get rid of huge furniture. It is better for you to have slender furniture. What is meant by slender here is the slim size of it. Choosing a table set of coffee table and chairs with slim feet will help. Put it in the center of the room, so there will be more than one route in that area.

If you have a small flat, it will feel suffocating if you have a dark tones wall color. The bright color like white or light grey will help to make an illusion of traffic-free flat. It will make your flat looks bigger than its actual size. And for the furniture, since you are putting them all n the center of the room, it is better for you to choose the one with the contrast color with the bright wall color. Black or deep brown will match the white traffic-free flat.

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