Traditional Danish Elements inside Rustic Village House Concept Made By Powerhouse Company

Traditional Exterior Design With Wood Cladding Exterior

There are some people who like to make modern home design but some of people like to stay in the rustic or traditional home concept because of some reasons. The most important thing is that the home can give you comfort, safety and also warmth. The best home must be able to make you free from your stress and business. The better home must be able to make you enjoy the happiness and joy with your family members too. For all of you who are looking for home that can give you all things that you need above, you can feel it in The Village House. This house is located in northern Sjaelland Denmark. We need to check detail information about this house first.

The Village House is one of best projects by Powerhouse Company. Powerhouse Company makes this house as a holiday home. It means people come to this house to enjoy their holiday but this house is good for daily home too. You will live in the perfect area and when you see around you will find some traditional Danish houses. The house is perfect house for all people because this house can blend with landscape and there are some traditional elements in the exterior and interior of this house.

The Village House is made with five wings. We can find best light effects, and incredible views in the outdoor areas of this house. All things in this house make people can enjoy all things all the times. You can find large window in the living room that will allow the sun light to come freely to this room around the midday. When we enter this house, we can find white walls on some rooms inside this house. The architect tries to combine some colors, textures, and natural materials to show the traditional elements. You still can find modern decoration inside this house to give different feeling in this house. You don’t need to worry because each of rooms will be completed with best view to explore outdoor space.

Beautiful Details Front Village House Black House Exterior

Neat Interior Descor With Wood Floor And Modern Furniture

Minimalist Interior Decor With Natural Sun Lighting

Open Space And Eco Friendly Home Design With Skyhigh White Ceiling And Wod Floor

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