Traditional Chalets in Modern Environment

Chalet K2 Extreme Luxury Displayed Glass Door

The first time I see these chalets in largest linked ski area in the world, it was breathtaking. You can see the beautiful snow of the mountain combining with wooden chalets exterior. When you are on holiday, this is the perfect place to stay. Enjoying the cold of snow, skiing and do other activities outdoor and relaxing in this beautiful and cozy chalets.

Mixing beauty of the chalets

Modern man needs the simplicity of life, simple and elegant. But this does not mean omitting the traditional touch. Native people around the area often use wood and stone material in their house. Look at the picture and see that is also applicable in these chalets designs. The kitchen, dining room, and living room are place under one area which gives spacious meaning and allowing interaction between the guess inside. The walls and ceilings are dominated with wooden plank, except in the fireplace where the walls were covered in natural stone.

The traditional touches of wooden and stone are combining with the luxury of modern life. When kitchen, living room and dining room only show a slight image of the mixed culture, you should look closer to the private bedroom. The bed room is very mesmerizing and designs to comfort its guess. Every room has king size beds with careful chosen of luxury design. Almost all beds were covers with high quality velveteen while the walls and ceilings are design with soft color wooden plank. You also will be astonished to see that the entire bedroom has its own private bathroom with different style. Modern bathtub, shower and also toilet place in glass walls.

h3>Entertainment Chalets

Although outside activity is very appealing, but there are times when the guess need just to relax inside the chalets. Take a look around and you will find lounge area with home cinema to fulfill your need of entertainment. When tired of skiing, try to relaxing in the indoor pool where you can swim or just sit around and enjoy the outside scenery from the glasses doors. Here in these modern chalets you will find the serenity of the snow alongside with traditional and modern luxury of life.

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