Top Modern Penthouse Design: The Re-conceptualization project in NYC

Cozy Atmosphere Room With Large Glass Windows Which Can Allow The Natural Day Light Come Into The House

TriBeCa penthouse is modern penthouse design which is a re-conceptualization project in NYC. The architect turned this second floor apartment in NYC to be stylish room with all its luxury. To convey the outside in to the room, the architect used large glass windows and glass doors. The advantages of using glass materials for windows or doors will bring the view outside into the room. Besides large glass windows and doors, there can be found multiple skylight, extensive terrace, and substantial roof deck.

The interior design of TriBeCa penthouse with all its luxury is one of the modern penthouse decorating ideas that can inspire anyone who wants to change his narrow room to be more spacious and featured by modern furniture. Cozy yet modern are the concept of the house which is situated on 41 Warren Street. It can be seen from the idea of having wooden floor which can create cozy atmosphere in the room, large glass windows which can allow the natural day light come into the house and modern furniture that featured the interior design of the house.

The furniture used to furnish the house is actually modern in style, they can beautify the room and make it looks elegant in design. Let us see the bedroom. This all white paint bedroom is also featured by wooden furniture. They can be found in the floor, main door, table, and also picture frames mounted on the wall. The bed is large enough with thick white mattress on it and two table sides with two elegant table lamps stand on the table. There can you find minimalist vanity desk.

If you want to have this kind of house, you have to consider the budget, the materials, the dimension of the room, the furniture, and also the way to perfectly blend all of them To make it affordable for you, you must have penthouse design plans in order to be effective and efficient in building house or designing room.

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