Three Story Manor House Built with Open Plan Concept

Rocky Front Yard Exterior Staircase Triangular Balcony Glass Doors

I need to see my boss in her house to give emergency report dealing with business. I have never visited her three story manor house before that is why I am impressed of large house that stands in front of me. This house is built around hill presenting freshening landscape. Rocks around front yard and backyard increase natural landscape. It is modern house built with glass accents here and there. She calls house located in Vancouver as 4249 house which is designed by DGBK architects. To get entrance I have to step on stair case which is surrounded by rocks and grasses.

Geometric accents of house are stuck out clearly from building architecture. I come into house through glass door. Balcony of house is designed like triangle which is equipped with glass railing to protect people stand there. On balcony, there are two chaise lounge chairs in blue color. Modern three story manor house enables sunlight come into house and enlightens over living space perfectly. My boss asks me to sit on sectional sofa in cream color with several sofa cushions. Box coffee table in grey color is place to accompany this sofa. Dark carpet layers floor under box coffee table.

Floor lamp on corner living room creates soft lighting. I see box shelf in white color embellished with frame of photograph and souvenirs. Mezzanine of this house is supplied with glass railing and laminate material. Glass wall over living room enables me to see scenery of backyard and front yard freely. Modern hidden lights are fitted over ceiling in this room to give soft touch of lighting.

Kitchen in this modern three story manor house design is applied in glossy white. Kitchen Island, kitchen countertop and kitchen cabinet are painted in glossy white that looks so luxurious. Stool bars are arranged around kitchen countertop. With open plan architecture, I can enjoy landscape outside since this luxurious kitchen is equipped with glass bay windows. Bathroom in this house looks so bright with porcelain bath tub and so is basin. Bathroom furniture applied here is designed in glossy color. Glass door and glass wall allow me to see freshening panorama.

Rocky House Landscape Freshening Greenery Glass Bay Windows Geometric Architectural Building

Rocky Outdoor Ornament Glass Bay Windows Minimalist Garage Outdoor Staircase

Stainless Steel Baluster Exterior Staircase Rustic Natural Rock Glass Door

Stone Tiles Glass Wall Glass Bay Windows Green Front Yard

Triangular Balcony Glass Railing Geometric Architectural Building Natural Rock Landscape

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