The Time House, White and Modern Volumes Residence in Spain Made by LADAA Studio

Smooth White Kitchen Interior For Modern Kitchen Design

Most people like to make white home concept because white will give large effect to the room. For all of you who want to make white home concept and you are looking for best example of white home concept, you can choose to copy whit and modern volumes residence, The Time House in Valencia Spain. This residence is located in Vilamarxant Valencia and all things in this residence are made in white color. Most people like with this residence’s concept because of some special things in this residence. This residence is special project from LADAA. Most people say that this residence is perfect place to live. What are special things that you can find in this residence?

The Time House is perfect place to live because it offers spacious, youthful, modern and bright house concept. Most people say that this residence can be called as villa because this residence is made with villa’s architectural structure. Each of rooms in this residence offers relax and tranquil lifestyle for all people who stay in this residence. This residence is made in 550 square meters and there are some rooms that we can find in this residence. In the first floor, we can find living room, swimming pool and stylish terrace too. Some rooms in the first floor are made with black and white combination colors to develop modern and elegant atmosphere in this residence.

What we can find in the second floor of The Time House? When we come to the second floor of this residence, we can find terrace too where we can enjoy the beautiful views from this place. This place can become the best place to enjoy all things in the morning. This residence uses flat roof and some windows to make maximum lighting in this residence. When you want to enjoy modern, elegant and graceful home design too, this residence can become the best example of modern and elegant home design for you.

Stylish Table And Chairs Design

Stylish White Interior In Luxury White Decor

Tub And Shower With Wood Floor And Glass Partition Shower

Under The Volume With White Stone Decor

View Upper Floor With Lounge Room

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