The Superb Angsana Velavaru Hotel Design in Maldives

Angsana Velavaru Maldives Sosial Space Resto And Bar Room

When you want to go to Maldives I think you need to find this superb hotel design. The hotel that I mean is the Angsana Velavaru hotel. The surrounding scenery and the architectural design of this outstanding hotel design are just perfect and I think I won’t find any other hotels and any other places with this level of perfection and when you see this astonishing hotel design by yourself, I believe that you will agree with me. That is why strongly suggest you to visit Maldives as one of the most famous tourism destination and visit the particular hotel design to see what I have been talked about.

Angsana Velavaru Hotel Design; Architectural Design

This Angsana Velavaru hotel design is all about combing the nature with natural living habit. That is why most of this gorgeous hotel design is created by using open space design you can easily access the amazing surrounding scenery. This astonishing hotel design is situated in one of the best island in Maldives, so why you spend your time in inside the room. Go out, have fun with the Chrystal clear sea water and enjoy the surrounding scenery. I think that is the main concept of this beautiful hotel design and that is the reason why I love this incredible hotel design so much.

Angsana Velavaru Hotel Design; Interior Decoration

The rooms are decorated by using open space modern and ethnic decoration and all of the rooms are designed facing the gorgeous sea view. I think adding ethnic ornament is just a brilliant idea and I think this kind of idea can be applied in our own house to feel the exoticism.

That was little discussion about Angsana Velavaru hotel design. I can’t say more about it. I think the best way to understand the beauty of this hotel is by visiting it. Angsana Velavaru hotel design idea is surely one of the best in Maldives and it might be one of the best in the world.

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