The Light Valley Practical House Layout

Amazing Curving Shape House Design With Glass Wall And Wooden Floor Sliding Wooden Door Beautiful Green Garden White Chairs

Young couples usually want to express their freedom and youth feeling into something unusual but attractive. One of which is the house’s shape. Nothing is impossible is the right expression to see how our people create such interesting but unique house design. The light valley practical house layout is one of a very awesome layout design that can be applied for those young couples with their small children. This house’s type maybe look a bit odd but it can be interesting and artistic to those who love unique stuff. However, it is not about the outside design but also the interior design that looks glamorous and awesome as something that you cannot expected.

For the outside design, this house can be a bit odd with its curving shape in the east. But, it also can be very beautiful and comfortable because it surrounds with beautiful green garden in the south side. The light valley practical house layout makes your house look unique but attractive because it seems like your house look like a cubicle or something. However, for the south side, you can make a beautiful green garden that can be very contrast with the curving side in the east side. In this garden, you can get the sunlight in the summer and also can enjoy the rain from the inside of the house when the rainy season comes.

Come to inside of the house, you can get the very much light because the south side of your house is fully glasses and there is a garden that can spread the sunlight directly. In the light valley practical house layout you can also add some slit top lights on the ceiling to make the better light. The combination of the much light and wooden floor, walls, and ceiling can make your house look and feel more unique, artistic, as well as luminous living space.

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Awesome Practical Curving Shape House Design With Glass Wall And Glass Door Beautiful Green Garden

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