The Incredible Modern Villa in the Dunes

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Have ever seen an incredible designed modern villa that makes you in days? Yes I have. When I was on vacation with family, I incidentally found a nice designed villa that locates in Netherlands. We select this villa from internet and local recommendation and the result is amazing. This beautiful villa is like a villa that we long dreamed about. Everything about this villa is perfect, the location is superb and I believe the style of this villa will be liked by any person who uses it. You will found out yourself when you come to this astonishing villa.

First time I see the picture of this villa, I know that this villa is great, but I don’t expect this kind of beauty. This villa is designed by Alblasserdam-based Centric Design Group, one of the biggest names in architectural design in Netherlands. This modern villa decoration is about perfectly combining the entire element to become one perfect villa design that surely will amaze everybody who sees it. The entire material selection of this great designed villa is presenting the simplicity and the beauty in the same time.

The modern Villa Interior Design

This modern villa composition is not only about the shape of the building, but, it’s also about the content of the building. The selection of interior design is perfect. The composition of the entire interior elements is flawless. Big L-shaped sofa is the heart of the living room that directly connected to beautiful wooden dining table and kitchen. This perfect villa’s interior design is about combing natural element. It use wood as the majority of the flooring and use natural stone in some parts of the house like the bathroom, and in the indoor swimming pool.

The Modern Villa Exterior Decoration

We can’t forget about the exterior design of this beautiful villa. This astonishing villa is also equipped with outside table set that lay on a place like cabin or something. The combination of wooden floor that used in the cabin with modern table set has made this place can become your perfect place to spend the outdoor time with your family. Modern villa design is about the representing the pleasure into a design and Alblasserdam-based Centric Design Group has successfully executed it with this villa.

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