Teen Room Looks So Chic with Bright and Wide Visualization

Blue Bedroom Glass Window Bookcase Floor Tiles

My close friend will study at well-known university in other town two days after tomorrow. That is why I decide to stay overnight in her house to say farewell. Surely she is glad to show me bedrooms in her house that enables me to take a rest tonight. First, she takes me into teen room decorated in red color. She says that design of this bedroom is derived from Zalf ideas from Italy. Floor in this room look shiny and sleek because it is made of glossy ceramic in grey color. A large number of furniture applied here sticks out red color although I catch furniture in white too.

I really like to be here because this inspiring teen room arouses comfort and pleasantness for me. Beside this room is crafted in large size so it looks so wide and spacious without applying too much furniture. Bunk bed in modern style is applied here. Its frame is polished in red color. Mattresses of these beds are wrapped with grey bed sheets. This bunk bed is supplied with shelf in white color to place some ornaments. Bead board next to bunk bed is furnished with wall bars in red color.

I find a desk in white color that melds with bead board in this room. Under this desk there is bookshelf adhered in bead board. This bookshelf is painted in white to store a large number of books tidily. Above desk, there are several wall bars adhered on bead board. These wall bars are polished in red color. Floor of this bedroom is layered with red fur rug where two benches lay on it.

Then she takes me into another contemporary teen room in her house. I step inside teen bedroom designed in bright ambiance. I assume that bright visualization derived from glass wall applied in this room. Laminate flooring in this bedroom looks shiny but it is layered with cream fur rug. Wardrobe and bookshelf are painted in light green while bed frame is polished in orange color. Desk with green top is equipped with swivel chairs. I like design of this bedroom that is arranged simply but keep looking so chic.

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