Technological Infinity Bath for Comfort

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Who says that infinity bathtub cannot be trendy and technological? Before we jump, let us talk about bathtub that has the origin of the word “infinity.” Bath is definitely something that is always loved by everybody, and I am sure only few people will disagree with me. After all, bath is a sanctuary because that is where people can relax while cleaning their body from dirt at the same time. However, I am sure there are times when people feel like as if the bathtub can do something more than giving “bath.” This is where the bathtub that has the status “infinity” is created.

Infinity Bathtub with More Relaxation

Before we talk about the  technology of infinity bathtub by Aleksander Mukomelov, let us talk about the exterior appearance of the bathtub first. The bathtub definitely reminds me of tulips. Just like a tulip, this bathtub has the petals of a tulip, two sideways triangles joining into one, creating a hole in the middle of the “flower.” Moreover, the bathtub is also in the color of white, a color befitting for bathroom furniture to give air of cleanliness and neat. The bathtub is definitely cute, right?

Since this is more than a bathtub, this bathtub has more than its unique cute design. The bathtub has an aromatherapy section at the side of the bathtub. Yep, it is surely for aromatherapy. From the switch whatsoever than turns on the aromatherapy is where the tubes filled with aroma-therapies are placed. They are placed inside the side of the bathtub, connecting to the switch on the outside directly. It has many kinds of aroma-therapies also, from the calming lavender to the refreshing citrus color. Yep, this bathtub does more than giving baths. It also gives a relaxing aura that will definitely give more relaxation for the users.

Relaxing with Infinity Bath

Those who wants special bathtubs should definitely give get these kind of bathtubs. It has a cute design that can also be used for ornament, definitely enchanting the bathroom. It is also in the color of white, making the bathroom neater. The best of all, however, is the aromatherapy that gives more relaxation than normal baths can ever give. This futuristic infinity bathtub by Aleksander Mukomelov is definitely one step closer to the perfect relaxation that is sought by everybody.

Modern Technology Bath Design Infinity White Bathtub

Modern White Infinity Bath New Design Technology Bathtub

New Infinity Bath White Bathtub Modern Technology Bathtub

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