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Parametrix Futuristic Kitchen Glossy Floor Wine Glass Pendant Ideas

Futuristic Parametrix Kitchen for a Futuristic Time

Stumbling upon Parametrix Kitchen in Moscow is definitely one of my best mistakes. This kitchen is built by Geometrix for a family, but there kitchen does not give away its use for a family thanks to the futuristic design it has. The kitchen has unusual elements fused in one room in this kitchen, creating an unusual result and ambiance itself. Nevertheless, the kitchen is still gorgeous with its effects whatsoever….

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Grey Sofa White Floor And White Wall

Stunning Minimalist Apartment Decorated in White for Spacious View

When I walk around Beirut, Lebanon I meet with my ex-boyfriend. To have a chat longer, he suggests me to come into his Minimalist Apartment. He says that he has stayed in this apartment for three years. Bright white interior of this apartment results peace and tranquility. Whole breadboard is painted in white and so is ceiling. Wall lights enlighten this living space freely. There are two ant chairs in…

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Private Mini Bar Hidden Light Colorful Stool Bar Artistic Mirror

Colorful Interior of Hotel as Homey and Comfort Place

My friend asks me to do homework together. Now she lives in a hotel that is located nearby my house. In my view this hotel is most precious hotel in Switzerland. I am impressed of colorful interior of hotel when she takes me inside. Decoration of this living space is really inspiring and attractive. I never stop being astonished because of colorful design of this interior. She asks me to…

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Small Wall Mounted Single Sink Wooden Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Enchanting Wall Mounted Bathroom Furniture for Everybody

Though it still something that is uncommon, wall mounted bathroom furniture is starting to emerge as a trend in the designing world. It makes sense though, seeing how such things can turn some ordinary-looking bathroom into a stylish ad enchanting bathroom. However, it should be reminded that the mounting is not the only thing that matters, as things such as the decoration of the furniture and the pattern on it…

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Plasma TV Wooden Floor White Bed Sheet Glass Windows

Amazing Bedrooms to Support Amazing Beach View

Instead of having usual bedroom in their house, people are also obsessed to have amazing bedrooms for taking a rest maximally. Bedroom is the perfect room to have relaxation after doing daily activities. The bedroom is expected to make the people becomes comfortable, even for omitting their stress feeling. So, the people will not feel tired anymore in their bedroom. Some people may also want to get an inspiration by…

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White Kitchen Black Marble Table White Table Steel Faucet

Small Swedish Apartment for Simple and Single Person

The apartments are nowadays designed as various as the house designs, including the small Swedish apartment. This variety of designs allows the people to choose the apartment which provides the room appropriating to your demands. If you do not want to have wide and spacious room in the apartment, you can also try to choose the small room. This small room is very suitable for those who are single and…

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Bronze Floors With Chocolate Brown Marble Wall And Glisten In The Light For Beauty Spa Room Design

Beauty Shop Design with Elegant Performance and Ideas

If you are looking for best beauty shop design, you can find the answer here. Performance of the beauty shop is very important for the owner. The customer who comes to beauty shop wants to make her/his self to be more beautiful or handsome. But, if the performance of the beauty shop is not good, how the customer believes that the service of that beauty shop is good? The owner…

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Large Pot Fresh Ornamental Plant Deer Statue Great Mountain Background

Beachside Hotel: Recharge your Battery with the Beauty of the Environment

This beautiful beachside hotel is offering me a never ending beauty. Located in Capri Island in Italy, this hotel only have 22 limited hotel room to really spoil every guest needs. Spacious room with the taste of modern and European style is part of the hotel great arrangement. The hotel is completely colored with white walls. But this does not mean it give the cold sense. Oppositely, the white colors…

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Relaxing Green View Stone Concrete Walls Lake Homes Wooden Architectural Design

Calming EHA Family Trust Residence for Perfect Vacation

For those who want to forget the busy aspect of the city and indulge themselves in nature, they should definitely try the EHA Family Trust Residence. Located in Wyoming that is famed for its greenery, the residence is strategically designed so that the residents can get the peace they needed during vacation. Moreover, the designer also managed to design the residence beautifully, perfecting the calming ambiance of the location. Honestly,…

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Unusual Staircase Panoramic Ocean Luxurious Hotel White Themed Building

Hotel Resort Beauty: Let the Sea Fills Your Heart

Greece is full of beautiful hotel resort scattered throughout the country. What make this one special is because it positioned in the cliff with panorama to the open seas. The hotel is located in Greece traditional village and takes native culture to enhance the hotel beauty. I would love to spend my holiday here, spoiled with the nature’s beauty, the hotel luxury and staff’s friendly environment. I bet anyone who…

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