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Modern W Exterior View House Stone Fence

Distinct W House for Luxurious Living

Some houses are famed for its design color, but the W House has both of them. Located in Thailand’s Nakhon Ratchasima, the house has a distinct design that is luxurious and elegant. However, the same goes for the color of the house since the house has the unique combination of red, brown, black, and gray. Trust me, everything about this house is so unique that those who see this house…

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Home Office Modern Decor Dozen Home Workspaces

Rustic Home Workspace with Elegance

A home workspace does not have to be in traditional style only. I have seen many workspace designs where the designers implanted other styles instead of traditional style to the workspace. The result is not something bad either. The contemporary style gives a stylish workspace that brightens the mood, and the modern style makes the workspace up to date. I am going to give an example of a modern rustic…

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Cozy Chambers Penthouse Ideas White Unique Half Circular Couch Brown Leather Sofa

Sophisticate Penthouse in New York City

This adorable penthouse is located in the middle of the one of the busiest city in United State. Design for up class European bachelor, this penthouse is made for haven when he travelling in the fall season. Since it only going to be used occasionally, the space in this penthouse need to be carefully design to entertain the owner and his friend needs. Basically all room has single white color…

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