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Brilliant White Bedroom Big Glass Window Furniture

Rustic Hill Country Modern’s Varied Design

Rustic does not mean old and not fashionable, and Hill Country Modern proved my statement already. Located in the city of Texas’ Austin, this house has a dry but refreshing exterior design that makes the place feels great. The inside is even better though, as the rustic design is also combined with other kind of styles, from minimalist to modern. The house became a one in a million kind of…

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Elegant Bathroom Fixture By Toto Rough Wooden Material Deck White Wall Bathtub Ideas

Charming Bathroom Fixture for Relaxing Bathrooms

Many people underestimate bathroom fixture, but little do they know that they give some of the greatest impacts in bathrooms. Not many realize this, but fixture on the bathrooms are literally everywhere in the bathroom. Well, they are fixture after all, so they can be seen on the walls, floors, and other basic places for every room. For this reason, I am going to give some great examples of fixtures…

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Modern Wall Mounted Bathroom Double Mirror And Sink Vanity Design

Unique Vanity Set for Everybody

I was one of many people who thought that vanity set is nothing important. After all, they are just a bunch of mirrors that are accompanied with cabinets, what are is so special about them? However, I stumbled on some sets that are designed with enchanting design and gorgeous details that made me change my mind in a snap. To prove my statement, I am going to describe on the…

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White Cabinets Round Table With Storage Ceramics Floor

Unique Maggie-Wright Kitchen for Simple Elegance

Out of all the kitchens I have seen so far in my life, I find Maggie-Wright Kitchen to be the most intriguing kitchen I saw. This is because of the design of the kitchen that gives a unique ambiance in the kitchen. Everything about the kitchen is so classical and traditional, it makes the kitchen looks so elegant. However, at the same time, the kitchen is also modern thanks to…

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Glass Window White Cabinets And Ceramics Table

Simple Subway Tiles for Enchantment

It is sad that many people underestimate subway tiles. For those who do not know what kind of tiles they are, they are no other than tiles that are lined up horizontally, looking like bricks lining up despite of their physical tile aspect. These kinds of tiles are so used in common places that people do not think too much about them anymore. While these tiles might be ordinary, they…

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White Ceiling Stell Faucet White Towel

Minimalist Light Style for Bathroom

For those who want a minimalist bathroom that is also enchanting and modern, they are free to try out Light style. Of course, this does not mean that a bunch of light is entering the bathroom. Actually that is what I thought at first when I heard the name of the style. However, it was a whole different kind of “light” when I saw the bathroom for the first time….

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Great Bathroom Vanity Ideas Unique Mirror With Butterfly Themes Bathroom Furniture

Satisfying Bathroom Vanity for Satisfaction

Bathroom vanity is nothing new in this world. In case people wonder what kind of vanity I am talking about, it is no other than the kind of vanity where the residents feels satisfied with the design and style of the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom is still decorated nicely where guests still can enter the bathroom, but the resident leans more towards his preference rather than having the bathroom matching…

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Awesome Design Parametrix Futuristic Purple Light Kitchen

Futuristic Parametrix Kitchen for a Futuristic Time

Stumbling upon Parametrix Kitchen in Moscow is definitely one of my best mistakes. This kitchen is built by Geometrix for a family, but there kitchen does not give away its use for a family thanks to the futuristic design it has. The kitchen has unusual elements fused in one room in this kitchen, creating an unusual result and ambiance itself. Nevertheless, the kitchen is still gorgeous with its effects whatsoever….

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