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Ornamental Palnts White Floor And White Wall

Sophisticate Modern Apartment in the City

Clean and sleek is the first impression on this modern apartment located in Russian’s Silicon Valley, Zelenograd. The apartment has pale neutrals base color throughout the room. But this did not make the sterile look since it balance with the use of dark accents. On contrary being sterile, for me this apartment look very sophisticated. Elegant look is shown from the partial and overall look room design and the furniture…

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Glamorous Wooden Cabinet Multi Level Apartment Designs

Creative Multi-Level Apartment in the Middle of the City

Creating such a multi-level apartment in the middle of the city is not an easy task to do. The apartment space already decided for two story apartment and is located in the 18th floor. But the need of more space to accommodate the owner needs for three children is applied with the extra level in the house. At first maybe a bit confusing since the room divided is different one…

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