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White Ultra Modern Living Rooms Ideas

Minimalist Contemporary Furniture for Style

Who says that contemporary furniture cannot be minimalist at the same time? Wanting to try something different, the designers of Presotto Italia tried to fuse the two different styles of contemporary and minimalism into one, and viola! It works! The minimalist theme of the room is not made better with the contemporary but simple furniture created by Presotto Italia. Trust me, the rooms actually do look good. Contemporary Furniture in…

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White Bed Yellow Table Artistic And Unconventional Design Wooden Floor

Artistic New Hotel for a Special Experience

I know there are many hotels with unique design in this world, but none of them are like New Hotel and its “special” design. Located in Greece, the hotel has a design that that definitely makes many frown in disbelief, but its design will definitely make people want to feel the unique design by themselves. That is the charm of this unique hotel. Brown in New Hotel The first thing…

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White Floor With Gray Wall And Gray Kitchen Cabinet Also White Marble Countertop Stainless Steel Faucet For Sophisticated Future Modern Kitchen Design

Sophisticated Kitchen Interior for the Future

We all know that in the future, there were many sophisticated things which will make the life easier. It is also used in the kitchen interior idea. Nowadays, there are many innovations in the kitchen equipments which make the cooking time more efficient and comfortable. The science, art and technology will be mixed perfectly for the future kitchen idea. For the future, the interesting colors for the kitchen are white,…

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Black Leather Sofas Unique Lamp Vintage Room Designs

Creative Vintage Designs for Everybody

Vintage is something that is something that is admired and feared at the same time, and this is because the fact that made vintage designs can be easily made but easily destroyed at the same time. However, if the designs are done right, the designs will be something beautiful that are worth to be used as inspiration for other. Timothy Oulton proved people that by showing his great designs that…

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Stainless Steel Baluster Brown Staircase Backsplash Light Stainless Steel Range Hood

Simple Two-Level Apartment That is Modernized

Having a two-level apartment is already a luxury for many people. Since it is a luxury, the same people would decorate them in such a way that the luxurious apartment would become even more luxurious. However, luxurious does not mean that is has to be crowded, since AJOT Design Studio managed to pull a luxurious ambiance from a simple minimalist style from the apartment. This could be a role model…

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Canal Scenery View With Glass Window And White Wall For Awesome Classic Apartment Design Ideas

Apartment Design Ideas and Plans with Dashing Canal Scenery View

Do you have a plan to do apartment design with canal scenery view? If the answer is yes, you are on the right way, because we provide the apartment plans include the designs and ideas. The appearance of canal as the scenery view become an interesting factor when build an apartment, because many people choose the apartment with the reason of that scenery view. Furthermore, romantic couple prefers to spend…

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