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Beautiful Penthouse White Long Outdoor White Dining Table Green Plant

Stunning Riverside Penthouse in London

Have vast view to the river is the greatest advantage of this riverside penthouse. Located on the side of Thames River, this penthouse is in the ninth and tenth floor building. I love being outside in the terrace, sitting in the lazy chair where I can feel the fresh air and the river view while chatter with family and friends. Not only sitting in the lazy chair, we also can…

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Green Gray White Home Office Workspace Inspiration

Efficient Workspace Designs for Beginners

It is a fact that workspace is an important aspect I everybody’s life. This sounds so serious, but this is the truth. In that space, the people would work hard for their living, earning their income to spend for their daily things. This is why it is important to create the right work room so that the worker can do his job properly. For this reason, I am going to…

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