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Stunning Stairs To The Roof Contemporary House Travessa De Patrocinio Architecture

Refreshing Travessa de Patrocinio with Great Design

Those who want to get something different from the normal houses should definitely take a look at Travessa de Patrocinio. Located in Lisbon, the house has a design that is like no other houses in this world. Well, at least it is different from its neighbors. Designed by three geniuses named Luis Rebelo de Andrade, Tiago Rebelo de Andrade, and Manuel Cachao Tojal, the house stands out among its neighbors…

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Two Bedroom Corner Apartment Small Glass Windows

Simple Corner Apartment with Style

Corner might be famed for its gloomy location, but that does not mean the corner apartment must suffer from the same reputation also. An apartment located in the corner of the building can be revamped into something that is stylish and enchanting, contradicting the gloomy reputation every corner of every building has. It is not something hard to do either, since the tricks done to make apartments in corners bright…

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