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Round Dining Table Glossy Acrylic Chairs Cool Hidden Light Unique Glassware

Luxurious Villa Roxie with Great Architecture in Miami

I think to stay in Villa Roxie in my summer vacation will be very interesting. Many people know that that kind of home stay is included in one of the best home stay in Miami. Therefore, it is undoubtedly that the villa has a very nice interior as well as architecture design. The villa, of course, is also equipped with the very nice view of the surroundings as well. I…

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Beautiful Home Furniture Design Purple Sofa Grey Chairs Comfortable Seating Unit

Stunning Casa Cubo with Unique Interior Design

I had a very good experience about the modern design of Casa Cubo which is located in Brazil. That residence is very amazing because I have ever had a very good moment when I was in my vacation in Brazil with my beloved girlfriend. Actually, it began when I have to choose the best home stay for me and my wife when I was in Brazil during my vacation. Luckily…

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Cool Private Penthouse For Luxury Kitchen White Chairs Lamp Decorating Idea

Luxurious Private Penthouse in Italy

When I was in vacation in Italy, I stayed in Private Penthouse during I was there. That house is very amazing house that I have ever seen. It is caused by that house is also equipped with a modern interior and luxurious decorating idea. Actually, it began when I was in my vacation with me beloved wife. However, before I and she went to Italy, I was confused about deciding…

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