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Marble Floor In Fantastic Apartment Redesign Ideas With Flat Screen Tv And Large Wall Mirror Also Ceiling Lightings With Lighting Effect And Wooden Door Plus Glazed Wall

Simple Brilliant Concept of Redesign

From a simple concept turning into an awesome result; that’s the right way to describe what Pad 67 is. It is a total apartment makeover project with strong philosophy of urban lifestyle. Five small room apartments with total 2.200 square feet space in Taipei is turned into highly spacious urban home. The project is supervised by Dillon Chen of D|C Interior Design. The basic concept is to create more space by stripping…

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Modern Staircase Glass Baluster Hidden Lights Wooden Stair Steps

Luxury Apartment for Luxury People

The people with high quality of demands about living tend to choose the luxury apartment for fulfilling their demands. The high demand about apartments by the people becomes more developed since it is very hard to find the suitable location to build a house relating to the people’s needs. Some people think that building a house is not practical. It must need many considerations to designs and prepare the house….

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Wooden Floor White Bed Cover Unique Picture Modern Stand Lamp

Small Bedroom Ideas to Have Comfortable Bedroom

If you are provided with a small room, yet you are also confused to design your room, you may try to know some of the small bedroom ideas here. These ideas will let you to choose one of the ideas which is you like most for your bedroom. Perhaps, you will be confused to choose which idea you are going to use for your bedroom. It is because all the…

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Water View TV White Bed Cover Pillows

Amazing Bedrooms to Support Amazing Beach View

Instead of having usual bedroom in their house, people are also obsessed to have amazing bedrooms for taking a rest maximally. Bedroom is the perfect room to have relaxation after doing daily activities. The bedroom is expected to make the people becomes comfortable, even for omitting their stress feeling. So, the people will not feel tired anymore in their bedroom. Some people may also want to get an inspiration by…

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White Rugs Modern Stand Lamp Brown Bed Orange Pillow

Elegant Bedroom for Your Beloved Bedroom Design

The elegant bedroom is categorized as the most wanted bedroom by the people. This bedroom is designed simple but keep its elegance. The design tends to be emphasizing the maturity of the bedroom. This kind of bedroom is not suitable for children and teenagers. This bedroom also shows the owner’s lifestyle and performances which are also elegant and stylish too. Instead of emphasizing the elegance of the design, this bedroom…

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Labriz Silhouette Seychelles Awe Inspiring Surrounded Black Table

Enchanting Labriz Silhouette Seychelles’ Paradise-Like Ambiance

If there are places that could be described as paradise, Labriz Silhouette Seychelles would be one of them. Surrounded by the beauty of Indian Ocean, facing the mysterious Mount Dauban, this resort has an enchanting and naturally beautiful appearance that will make one think as if he is visiting heaven. The natural beauty and the excellent service of this resort will give the best kind of vacation one will ever…

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